What does your childhood and your business dreams have in common?

For two Wallace Capital Funding LLC clients, a Pretend Play Center was their business dream.

What is a Pretend Play Center? I had the same question.

Remember running around with a large white coat on, who were you? A doctor or chemist?

Or maybe you put on a red hat and said “weee, wooo, weee, wooo” like a siren. Who were you? A fire chief.

It’s a place where a kid can dream to be anything they set their mind to. A doctor, a chef and everything in between.

The clients wanted to make a difference in the lives of local youth while also operating a profitable business during their retirement.

And this dream became a reality thanks to the Business Funding Analysis.

So, you might be asking yourself —

What is a Business Fund Analysis?

The analysis is a tool that Wallace Capital Funding LLC uses to pre-qualify business owners for traditional as well as non-traditional funding for businesses including real estate financing.

Say you are a home inspector. You do a thorough job of looking at every fine detail of a home to make sure it is up to code. The plumbing system ran well. The electrical wiring was working. The air conditioning unit functioned great. You breathe a sigh of relief for an easy day of work as you head to the front door.

Just as you are ready to approve the house, you hear a light scratch in the wall. And what originally sounded like a quiet tap suddenly grew louder. A small crack begins to form and a hoard of baby mice spills out onto the foyer.

No matter how much a small business thinks they are qualified, sometimes it is not as simple. You never know what is “behind the walls” unless you open them or what lenders are looking for in their applicants.

So, what does a Business Fund Analysis do?

The Business Funding Analysis makes sure you get the funding you want and deserve. It uses the same process as banks go through to qualify for a business loan but also includes alternative financing.

The analysis predicts the likelihood of you getting financed before submitting any official documentation to lenders.

Prior to the Business Funding Analysis, all documentation would go straight to lenders. However, it was not guaranteed that you would be approved. Now, the analysis ensures you will get approved in a hassle-free process.

Interviewing clients prior to having the Business Funding Analysis was a challenge because you never knew whether a person would qualify. Using the same process as the lender is the best way to guarantee approval and avoid any heartache or embarrassment.

Established in 2002, the Business Funding Analysis is continuously developing and improving to get you the loan of their dream just like the Pretend Play Center.

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