Business Credit Accelerator Program

What is Business Credit?

Business Credit is the primary way that lenders and companies evaluate whether to do business with your company and on what terms.

What are reasons for building business credit?

Separate personal credit from business credit

Save time and money for your business

Meet current lending needs

Prepare for future lending needs

Obtain available cash in your business when it’s needed

Extend your cash flow

Lower your interest rates

Build credibility for your business


How does our Business Credit Accelerator Program Work?

We have an individualized and custom-tailored business credit accelerator program in only five steps.
Step 1. We will determine your goals.

Access the reasons for building business credit. We will help you determine your goals in building business credit.

Step 2. Provide a plan and determine your current business credit profile.

We will conduct a Business Financial Analysis to see what your business credit profile looks like.

Step 3. Corporate Conformity/Business Credit Profile

Make sure the company has the key elements for business credit.

Step 4. Add Business Trade Accounts

Being a client, we will not only provide a trade line, we will show you how to add additional ones.

Step 5. Apply for Financing & Vendor Credit

Based on your credit profile, we will advise which vendors and lenders to apply for credit. We have a list of hundreds of lenders for your company.


The Business Financial Analysis is included as part of the Business Credit Accelerator Program.

If you are not interested in receiving individualized coaching, we have Webinars, Workshops and E-books.


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