What is the Conscious Business Development Incubator?

The Conscious Business Development Incubator (CBD) tier is designed for entrepreneurs who are committed to expanding their business (and themselves) using conscious business strategies. We believe that a business is not able to become conscious without a conscious leader at the helm.

Our CBD Incubator members are most interested in collaborating, strategizing, networking, promotional support and developing referral business relationships. More importantly, they are seeking to not just create any old business, but fulfill a vision that is the expression of their life purpose and subsequently create a business that is an expression of their unique gifts and talents. As the leader evolves spiritually, so do the vision and the business. And as each member evolves, so does our community and our ability to create a global impact expands exponentially.

Our members include dozens of different industry professionals including: professional service providers, marketing professionals, coaches, consultants, business service providers, speakers, authors and healers.

Let me know if you are interested as one has to be recommended.

(205) 823-9530