What is a Conscious Business Owner?

For those that have operated a business for any period of time.  It is tough to create life balance between home and business, continue to bring in profits, grow strategically, grow as a person, help clients, help the community and attract those that align with your values.  I joined a group for the purpose of engaging in practices of a Conscious Business Owner.  A Conscious Business Owner is one that follows the below Conscious Business Best Practices.

Conscious Business Best Practices

Conscious Evolution: I commit to doing the inner work necessary to evolve my level of consciousness and increase my level of self-awareness.

Personal Responsibility: I commit to voluntarily take 100% responsibility for the current reality I am creating in my life, my community and my business.

Integrity: I commit to the masterful practice of integrity including honoring my agreements to others and myself. I commit to being aligned with my values and my actions.

Authentic Expression: I commit to authentically expressing my feelings, thoughts and opinions.

Conscious Business Leadership: I commit to make business decisions (operations, marketing and sales) with awareness of how each decision impacts those around me. I commit to be a provider of solutions, rather than a catalyst for problems.

Conscious Feedback: I commit to seeking conscious feedback for my own personal evolution. I commit to proactively provide conscious feedback to my Club members for their personal evolution. I commit to this so that we may all raise our level of consciousness and co-create a greater positive impact in the world.

Conscious Business Operations: I commit to running a profitable, values-based triple bottom line business. I commit to seek the expert guidance and support that I need.

Honor My Purpose and Genius: I commit to align with my life purpose and fully express my genius and gifts.

Practicing Prosperity: I commit to generously contributing to my community. I commit to operating with prosperity. I commit to respecting the value of others.

This is taken from the Conscious Business Foundations in The Club.  It is a community with the goal of practice the principles above.    Let me know if you are interested in discussing with someone about joining our community of Conscious Business Owners.