Prosperity Thinking!

“Prosperity is the out-picturing of substance in our affairs.  Everything in the Universe is for us.  Nothing is against us.  Life is ever giving of Itself.  We must receive, utilize and extend the gift.  Success and prosperity are spritual attributes belonging to all people, but no necessarily used by all people.”  Ernest Holmes in The Science of  Mind.

This became evident when I spoke with a gentlemen who looking for money to fulfill a Purchase Order.  Based on the six different suppliers that are required to fulfill the order, it became to risky for us and the financial partners we work with.  However, I suggested to find job one supplier maybe even competitor to supply the goods.  I even suggested partnerships where unfortunately half of the profits will be shared.  He was so focused on trying to get all of it by himself, he was not looking at the bigger picture. 

When you are prosperity thinking one is still open to the possibilities of this one deal opening the door to future business.  It is better to get something of something than nothing of nothing.

What do you think?