How to finance a business with no little to no money

Wallace Capital Funding, LLC’s Business Funding Analysis gives undercapitalized businesses a chance for success

What’s one thing you like to do backwards?

Maybe it’s putting your socks on first or eating dessert before dinner.

Well, for one Wallace Capital Funding, LLC client, doing things backwards almost led their company to bankruptcy.

An hour before their grand opening, the client risked both their retirement and savings by signing a lease for their dream coffee shop in Alabama.

But after spending over $15,000 of their personal money on business plans and consultants outside of WCF, they did not get approved for financing.

Where did they go wrong?


The client was in such a rush to get approved for financing that they missed a few steps in order to expedite the process, which ended up hurting their wallet in the end.

It was only after the fact that the client came to Wallace Capital Funding, LLC to find a way to get approved.

Due to their prior rejection — this client had a stain on their financial record and to lenders, they looked desperate for cash.

Even with the odds stacked against the client, Wallace Capital Funding, LLC met with the client and conducted our reputable Business Funding Analysis (BFA) to better understand the financial standing of the client’s finances.

The BFA allowed us to ensure our client would get approved without the headache they went through before.

The analysis also puts lenders at ease to know our in-depth credit memo will show the client’s ability to pay back their loan. And even with a blemish on their record, we were still able to get them approved.

When it comes to your business, don’t do things backwards.

You are better off getting the BFA to ensure your business loan gets approved!

Work with Wallace Capital Funding, LLC and our Business Funding Analysis to ensure you are in the best position to get approved. Talk to one of Wallace’s Capital Funding LLC’s experts today to get the process started. You can also join WCF’s mailing list, which can be found on our website or give us a call at 1-800-809-5629 to learn more.

For all of your business financing needs, Wallace Capital Funding, LLC can help. Whether you need funding for new equipment, financing commercial real estate, or to cover staff expenses before your contract payment comes through, Wallace Capital Funding, LLC can create a custom funding solution that’s right for you.