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How would your business change if you were no longer stuck in the same place? How would it change if you had a clear path forward to money, marketing, and profitability?


These are the questions  Dominick Wallace of Wallace Capital Funding LLC was trying to answer. He wanted to help business owners and entrepreneurs of all types. As an experienced business owner himself, he has been able to build solid relationships with folks from a host of differing industries. Because Wallace knows the challenges of growing a business from the ground up, he wanted to create a forum where folks could learn tips and tricks from experts in various fields.

Dominick Wallace

Dominick Wallace of Wallace Capital Funding

And so the Keys for Business, Money, Marketing, and Profitability Summit was born.

Dominick is the Managing Director of Wallace Capital Funding, LLC. His company was started in 2002 to help business owners, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs negotiate the path of business credit and financing. Dominick gives his clients the tools to succeed.

His knowledge in finance, skill in business development, and steadfast integrity. Recently, he has been guiding his clients through the PPP loan process. His experience in the industry and dedication to seeing his clients succeed make him a trusted source for business and financial coaching. Because he is so dedicated to helping others succeed, Dominick wants to bring other business and marketing leaders together for an all-virtual convention.

In these difficult economic times, many people feel like they need some financial and business guidance. This summit will feature 30 of today’s most ground-breaking and influential speakers. Topics will include business financing, how to build better credit, and the best ways to market your business.

If you are wondering how you can position your business to obtain your ideal grant, investor, partnership, customers, or financing? Then this summit is for you.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll learn when you claim your FREE ticket to our summit:

Brian Margolis is a former environmental and fisheries scientist turned entrepreneur. He is the founder of Productivity Giant and the author of the book “The Index Card Business Plan for Sales Pros and Entrepreneurs.” His client list ranges from individual sales reps to Shark Tank entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies.

Brian’s Pillar System helps financial advisors, sales pros and other professionals create a strategy so simple, it fits on an index card…but so powerful it’s helped create 7 figure earners and has been licensed by some of the largest companies in the world to train their teams.



Corrie LoGiudice

Do you have that entrepreneurial itch? What is keeping you from sharing your gifts with the world? TEDx speaker, Corrie LoGiudice advises us how to go into business with the right mindset: “I want my clients to get good at creating consistency, first and foremost creating clarity, and building a strong foundation for their business.”


Daya Naef

Imagine working on solving conflicts during one of the most difficult times in rebuilding a city?  As a practicing mediator and arbitrator for construction issues, Daya served after hurricane Katrina to bridge communication gaps among contractors and the community.  Imagine what important points she can share to help grow your business.

Daya Naef is a legal dynamo that offers professional business development, conflict resolution, and training for your business. Offers life and business coaching for lawyers, law firms, and entrepreneurs. Daya Naef on the importance of integrity, “integrity is when words, beliefs, and actions all line up. Roadblocks may happen. So you need to always have a backup plan ready,” she says.


Donna Omoregie

What is keeping you from implementing that next multimillion-dollar idea?  If you are an existing business owner or entrepreneur, there are several keys to successfully building the next app or business

Donna Omoregie overcame many obstacles to develop her first app. The Freestyle app helps African American folks find the right salons and stylists for their unique hair needs. “My experience taught me the importance of the value of failing fast. Because if you put something out there and it ‘fails’ you can say to yourself, ‘this didn’t work, but this is working and you continue to learn and get better,’” she says.

Dr. Jackie Mayfield

Dr. Mayfield is one of the nation’s foremost advocates of Black business ownership. He is in high demand as a tax and business consultant, adviser, teacher, and visionary leader. He has guided many to financial success, he’s even made millionaires. Find out some of his keys to success at the summit.


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Now that you have gotten a taste of what the Keys for Business, Money, Marketing, and Profitability Summit has to offer, we know that you’re interested in learning more from these successful entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. Your business can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity. The summit is FREE, but space is limited, so don’t forget to reserve your spot.