What is your consciousness?

“There is something between me and you phenomenal world.  It is your consciousness. Your world mirrors that which is closets to it, therefore your world is reflecting your consciousness.  If you would have your world reflect my nature of loving sufficiency, I must be brought into your consciousness-even to the outer rim, so to speak.  There, I stand before your world and the Truth is revealed.  No good thing is then withheld from you.  But you must not direct or prescribe the way.  I am the way.  Leave it in my hands.  Be as a little child in joyful anticipation, keeping your thoughts on me, caring not and trusting me, fearing not and loving me.  I am the Way!”- John Randolph Price With Wings As Eagles

Have you heard this before.  I know this to be true.  When I think about negative things I get negative thinks.  I can change my consciousness at any moment by changing my dominant thought.  Am I doing OK or I am getting better all the time or I am blessed with the best.  I am waiting for things to happen to me, complaining about my circumstances or giving myself positive affirmations that continue to change my mood and disposition.  I am and great and so are you!