Learning from (Howdy S. Homes) President of Chelsea Milling Company (Jiffy Baking Mix)

Howdy S. Homes is the President of Chelsea Milling Company.  They are known for making Jiffy Baking Mix.

He was interviewed by Your Business.  Below were some of the notes that I took.

Under Commit and Over Perform

-Stop the frustration and disappointment

-Accomplish goals, then set the bar higher next time

-Keep realistic goals

-Many people are guilty of doing too much


Grow, grow, grow

-Get out of your confirm zone

-No one likes to be vulnerable however it is difficult to grow without doing so and learn

-Provide resources for your team so they can challenge themselves

-The world does not stop- change along with it


Don’t make business decisions with your heart

In family situations it is about keeping the peace

Family-Heart (lead with this)

Business-Head (lead with this)


Balance Is Good

Life is about balance

Life is about moderation

Too much of one thing is not good

Change is good

Embrace change

Get out of your routine

Business is about making more than it cost you


People are complex, business is easy