Do you want to make more money in your business?

Give and you shall receive! Yes, you have heard this before but how do you apply this in your business? People buy from you after they feel you have given them value or feel obligated. What can you give away for FREE? Advice, products or services! In order for attorneys, accountants, consultants and etc. to attract a client they give there time and sometimes their advice. As part of my business, I conduct a corporate needs analysis. This is a FREE service. As business owners are looking for financing, they may have one idea or one way. I make sure I educate the prospect that there are lots of different ways (Stay tune for the article “30 plus ways to finance your business!”.

Let me focus back on what I was saying. What can you give away? Many company give away useful items like calendars, magnets, pencils, pens and other items at the sametime as marketing their business. What are you going to give away?

Written by Dominick Wallace, Managing Director of Wallace Capital Funding, LLC