The Conscious Business Development Incubator (CBD) tier is designed for entrepreneurs who are committed to expanding their business (and themselves) using conscious business strategies. We believe that a business is not able to become conscious without a conscious leader at the helm. Our CBD Incubator members are most interested in […]

What is the Conscious Business Development Incubator?

For those that have operated a business for any period of time.  It is tough to create life balance between home and business, continue to bring in profits, grow strategically, grow as a person, help clients, help the community and attract those that align with your values.  I joined a […]

What is a Conscious Business Owner?

Few things in life are as exhilarating as starting a business, particularly if you are a young entrepreneur with an exciting business concept and the world at your feet! Many factors go into making a business a success, but one of the most challenging areas, particularly for young entrepreneurs is […]

6 Tips for Avoiding the Common Financial Pitfalls of Being ... has a great article with comments and discussion on the subject.  As I look to integrate my social media and where is my target market, this article comes in handy. The best thing and hear is trial and error.  Click on the link below.

When’s the Best Day and Time to Post on Social ...

The purpose of the article is provide awareness of Vacation Insurance, its basics, when does it make sense and where to start.  It is timely as individuals are looking to go on vacation this summer.  It was of interest to me after watch a TV show called “On The Money”. Travel […]

Vacation Insurance – What are the basics?

Howdy S. Homes is the President of Chelsea Milling Company.  They are known for making Jiffy Baking Mix. He was interviewed by Your Business.  Below were some of the notes that I took. Under Commit and Over Perform -Stop the frustration and disappointment -Accomplish goals, then set the bar higher next […]

Learning from (Howdy S. Homes) President of Chelsea Milling Company ...

In doing research, here are some social media and marketing tools I found.  These are recommendations in the marketplace.  Always do your research and use at your own risk. Buffer It is tool you can use to automate your social media.  Where you can pre-schedule tweets and etc.  Also figure […]

Social Media Tools

What is a Makerspace?  It is a place where an inventor or entrepreneur can use technology, machines, tools and other inventors or entrepreneurs to develop an idea.  It is the place one can develop that prototype.  The way it is different than an incubator is that the Makerspace provides technology, […]

What is a Makerspace?

I came across a commercial deal that has a Contract for Deed.  Below is a link from the Federal Reserve Bank.

What is Contract for Deed?